Storage Tips

Waxworm Storage Tip

Waxworms are the larvae of the Greater Wax Moth they are excellent for all species of pan fish and trout. Hold at 65 degrees for 2 to 3 weeks and then refrigerate if you desire. For best long term results transfer each cup to a container with more surface area. One or two cups can be put in a gallon ice cream pail with the lid left off. Remove any dead bait on a weekly basis. Use the original cup to take with you only what you need for the day. If you plan to use them within 4 weeks, refrigeration may do more harm than good. Once you refrigerate waxworms they should be kept refrigerated.

Spikes Storage Tip

Spikes are the larvae of the Bluebottle Fly. They also are an excellent bait for panfish and trout. They are underrated as a summer bait and often can be the most effective bait in your arsenal, especially during light bites. They ship well in the summer months despite their reputation of being intolerant of warm temperatures. HOLD IN THE DOUBLE ZIPLOCK BAGS at 33 to 40 degrees for best results. Again, use a small container to take only what you will use for the day. Constant swings in temperature can contibute to early pupation, a reddish brown shell. Cold temperatures plus restricted air produce best results. Do not give Spikes the unlimited air supply that you would Waxworms.This is the reason for the ziplock bags, to control air supply.